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"I believe that everyone has their own charisma
and deserves to have a photograph to be proud of."

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My name is Kateřina Sobičková.

I love photographing people.
I will be happy to take a picture of you too.

+420 733 551 232

Prague, Czechia

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about me

I studied graphic design, so my approach to photography has always been mainly artistic  (Václav Hollar Art School- Prague, University - UJEP - Visual Design Studio). I enjoy observing, connecting and arranging, but I also respect the power of spontaneous moments and the personality of my clients.


I have been taking photos professionally since 2012. Until 2018 I shot mostly commercial photography. After the birth of my daughters I began to focus on portraits. I really enjoy working with people and coming up with unique photo stories. I love my wonderful family who are so supportive, the meaningful creativity, weekday weddings, poke bowl, my quiet time after 10pm and the moments when the guys in the band and I look at each other at the end of a song and don't know how to end it...

How I take pictures:

First and foremost, I care that the people in my photos exude charisma and inner beauty. I believe it's real in everyone, and I enjoy finding it. I believe that everyone in the world has their own charisma and can have a photo that they will be proud of. That photo can be taken in the studio, outdoors, at your home or even on your wedding day.

How I edit photos:

I follow the principle "edit what you would like the other to edit on you". I don't give any unedited photos, post-production is an integral part of creating artistic photography and co-creates my style.

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